Messi: We all must pull in the same direction and hope the best is to come

In an exclusive interview with SPORT, the Barcelona star says he's moved on from a tough summer

Messi en exclusiva para SPORT: Mi compromiso por esta camiseta y este escudo es total |

Albert Masnou

Lionel Messi has decided to bury the hatchet. He has done so via SPORT. The Barcelona brings an end to his attacks against the FC Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, with the objective of not damaging the club's interests on the pitching and bringing peace back to the club. 

Messi takes on the role of captain, not a player pissed off with the club's hierarchy for not letting him leave or not strengthening the team adequately in recent seasons, which has resulted in a lack of success. All said and done, he has not changed his opinion, but he is also capable of apologising if he annoyed supporters. He explains, in this interview with SPORT, why he did what he did and why it is now time to put the collective interests first. 

The forward also wants to look to the future and hopes for success this season. He speaks while not knowing the outcome of the vote of no confidence and what the future holds for Bartomeu and with La Liga underway. He wants peace and union for the good of Barça. 

Messi is clear on what the recipe is for success: "After so many disagreements, I would like to put a full stop on everything that's gone on. We all have to be united and hope that the best is yet to come."

The Argentine is convinced that "this team will give its best with the objective of bringing the joy that football always brings, above all the supporters, who deserve it so much." 

He was also reflective on his own actions: "We have to leave our differences to one side. I take responsibility for my mistakes and, if there were any, they were to make FC Barcelona better and stronger. But that's it now, it's passed, we have to focus on doing our best and achieving what we want to achieve together, as a team and as supporters: uniting passion, excitement and motivation will be the only way to achieve our objectives, always united and pulling in the same direction. 


The now famous burofax was followed by the interview with Ruben Uria in which he rallied against the club's project and accused Bartomeu of lying and then the criticism of the board in a post on Instagram when Luis Suarez left the club. Three gestures which rocked Barcelona. 

On that last one, Messi wanted to explain his reasons: "I said what I felt in what was a tough moment for me. I understand people may have thought I should have shut up or let it go, as I did on many other occasions, but a lot of things hurt me in the last few weeks and it was my way of expressing that."



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