Luis Suarez admits he's suffered some difficult moments at Barca

The player spoke to the club website on various topics

Luis Suárez es el cuarto máximo goleador del Barcelona
Luis Suárez es el cuarto máximo goleador del Barcelona | JAVI FERRÁNDIZ

Luis Suarez spoke to Barca's website on various topics, including having some difficult moments. Here are the key quotes:

Trying times: "Football players experience constant pressure, and for that we have to be prepared to perform at our maximum every two, three or four days. When you join Barça you expect to win titles, but there are also difficult moments that help you grow and improve."

Fans: "People know that I never give up a lost ball, never stop trying. They value the work I put in, in every game. Their support shows a lot, and that's very important for all players."

Most crucial goal: "I've scored 185 and it's difficult to choose one. Of the recent ones, I remember especially last season, at the Camp Nou in the league, against Atlético Madrid. The one against Sevilla the other week was a good one, and also the one I scored against Inter, with a pass from Arturo Vidal... Scoring them at the Camp Nou also makes them feel special."


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