Luis Enrique wants Juan Carlos Unzue to replace him at Barcelona


If Luis Enrique has shown anything during these last few years it's been integrity, loyalty, personality and firmness. In the dressing room they believe Luis Enrique will not continue and may indeed go on a year's sabbatical. But what they know too is that Luis Enrique will not leave the team in the lurch, because his sense of friendship is incontestable.

Javier Miguel

The coach, if he leaves, wants Juan Carlos Unzue to take over and have Robert Moreno as his assistant. With this decision the continuation of Luis Enrique's project would be guaranteed, with the rest of the staff maintained. Against Hercules in the Copa del Rey in the first leg in Alicante, Lucho already gave these two the reins. 

In any case, the objectives for now are the same - win one of the big titles - La Liga or the Champions League, leaving Unzue in a good position. The dressing room would be happy with Unzue, he is loved and valued by the players. If in the end the club approve the decision, Lucho will leave with the feeling he has left everything in good shape. 


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