Gerard Pique: We have to change everything, we hit rock bottom

The defender said he could leave and indirectly demanded elections at the club

Piqué: Nadie es imprescindible, me ofrezco para irme y que venga sangre nueva. Hemos tocado fondo | MOVISTAR

Gerard Pique suggested he could leave Barcelona as part of big changes after the 8-2 thrashing by Bayern Munich in the Champions League

Àngels Fàbregues


"I'm in pain. We all are. We can't compete like that. It's very, very tough to take. Nothing more is worth saying. The club needs changes. Not just the players, I don't want to point out anyone," he told Movistar.

"But football is a sport where change is constantly required. We must change the dynamic we are on because I believe we have just hit bottom. We have to look around, we have to trust that people will do the right things for the club.

"Is it an end of an era, I'm not sure? But I know that we must accept that we have hit bottom. Not just players the but, as a club, we aren't on the right road. We have had years of success but we haven't won the league and we haven't won in Europe and we have to compete. You've seen it on the pitch and this today is unacceptable.

"If I have to go in order to change things I'll be the first to accept that. This was a horrible game... it's a dreadful feeling. It's shameful. Structurally we need changes at all levels."


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