Barca president Bartomeu announces big changes ahead

The president said that Pique is right and things must be shaken up at the club

Bartomeu: Hay decisiones que ya traíamos pensadas que ejecutaremos | MOVISTAR

Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barcelona's president, spoke after the historic thrashing meted out by Bayern Munich, 8-2. 

David Rubio

"Pique is right and we have to take decisions," said Bartomeu. "Some we had taken before the Champions League and others we'll take in the coming days. From now we'll announce them as we go.

"I can't say right now what they are, today is a day to reflect, a pitiful day, and from tomorrow we'll have to try and raise Cule spirits across the world, who are sad after this tough defeat."

Bartomeu hizo autocrítica tras el partido | VALENTÍ ENRICH


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