Gaspart: "If Neymar scores 3 goals on his return, the Camp Nou will applaud him"

The former FC Barcelona president has backed the idea of Neymar returning to Barcelona this summer

Guerra total entre Neymar y el PSG | Perform

Former FC Barcelona president Joan Gaspart has thrown his support behind a move to bring Neymar back to the Camp Nou.

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In an interview with Cadena SER's 'La Graderia', Gaspart said: "(Neymar) is an exceptional player. We didn't like the way he left at all but PSG did everything they had to. They offered him better financial terms. We didn't like that and it disgusted the fans."

Joan Gaspart, expresidente del FC Barcelona, partidario de que llegue Neymar | IGNASI PAREDES

He believes that Neymar has already learnt his lesson. "Now they're saying that Neymar wants to come back to Barça and he knows he made a mistake by leaving. We were disgusted by his actions that day but if he's desperate to return and show he was wrong, what can we do? Hold it against him forever?"


Gaspart refused to be drawn onto what price the club should pay for Neymar but did have one condition he'd like to see if a move happens. "I'd make him sign a contract with a heavy financial penalty over his behaviour. I'd imagine that Neymar wouldn't want to lose money over his behaviour. On the sporting side, his quality is undeniable. But sometimes he does things which go against the philosophy of our club."

The former president ended with this thought: "In Neymar's case, there could be a question of pride which comes with the player admitting he was wrong to leave. However, the board at Barça won't judge you on your pride but whether you win titles or not. If Neymar arrives and scores three goals, the stadium will applaud him."


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