FC Barcelona looking to sign a replacement striker in the next 72 hours

FC Barcelona looking to sign a replacement striker in the next 72 hours

Ángel es uno de los candidatos a ocupar la delantera del Barça
Ángel es uno de los candidatos a ocupar la delantera del Barça | sport

After receiving the 'OK' from the Federation to replace the injured Dembele, Barça are looking at Angel and Lucas Perez

FC Barcelona aren't going to waste any time when it comes to finding a new forward to replace the injured Ousmane Dembele. The club sent the medical report to LaLiga, indicating the winger would miss six months of action, and expect an official response within 72 hours as to whether they will be allowed to bring in a new player.

Barça are confident this petition will be accepted because the injury to Dembele is long-term.

Once LaLiga gave the thumbs up to a deal, Barcelona will have 15 days to sign a replacement. However, the plan at the club is to announce Dembele's replacement the day LaLiga officially give the 'OK'.

Possible debut against Eibar

The sporting department has various options on the table but are only able to add one new name to their squad.

This new addition could even make his debut against Eibar, ahead of 'El Clasico' at the Santiago Bernabeu. However, they won't be eligible to play in the Champions League.

Barça have narrowed it down to Lucas Perez (Alaves) and Angel (Getafe) with Loren (Betis) and Willian Jose (Real Sociedad) now considered more complicated transfers.

Loren less likely and Willian practically impossible

The Real Betis forward has dropped off the list of favourable replacements due to Betis asking for €40m, a fee Barça don't want to pay as they'd rather sign a world class forward in the summer.

Willian Jose is arguably the most established forward of the four but his price is also on the high side. He was reportedly available for €35m in January but now La Real would demand his full €70m buyout clause.

Todavía más difícil, por no decir imposible, es la llegada de Willian José. El brasileño es el que tiene mayor caché de los cuatro y su precio también es el más alto. El técnico de la Real Sociedad, Imanol Alguacil, dijo ayer que solo saldría con el pago de su cláusula de 70 millones de euros. No obstante, es posible que por 50 millones también fuera viable el traspaso, pero el Barça no contempla pagar una cifra tan alta.

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Affordable options

This means that Angel and Lucas Perez are the best options in terms of value for money. The Getafe man has a buyout clause of just €10m but Barça are confident they could get him for even cheaper. Perez's buyout clause is higher at €20m but once again, Barça feel that could be brought down to around €15m. The plan is to discuss matters with their respective clubs rather than having to pay any clauses.

Another option would be to ignore a striker all together and instead find someone who could play anywhere across the forward line. A versatile option would allow Griezmann to play as the main striker and give Messi or Fati the chance to rest when necessary.

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