FC Barcelona issue Neymar with an ultimatum

The club want Neymar to announce his intention is to only sign for Barça, which would rule out any possibility of moving to Real Madrid

 El tiempo se agota y el brasileño tiene que tomar decisiones, si Madrid o Barcelona | sport

Barça have come to a conclusion following the last set of conversations with PSG: they won't sell Neymar to Josep Maria Bartomeu whilst there's a chance he could end elsewhere. Barcelona have let Neymar know that his move back to the Camp Nou is being blocked by those in power at Paris. The only way that a transfer happens is if the Brazilian goes public in his desire to sign for them. Whilst Neymar has made certain movements to ease his departure, this last act would tip the scales in favour of Barça. If he decides not to then Real Madrid remain strong favourites to complete a deal.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Lluís Miguelsanz

Joaquim Piera


PSG refuse to make this situation any easier for Barça and that's clear in how dismissive they've been when a new proposal comes in. The latest rebuttal asked for Coutinho and Semedo to move the other way on a permanent deal, another player on loan and €100m in cash. This is obviously something Barça refused to accept.

Real Madrid have presented a strong offer to PSG which is complicating matters. In Paris, the hope is that Barça are so desperate to land Neymar they will increase their offer. Coutinho is a viable option to be included in a deal but Semedo isn't. Negotiators get the impression this is a deliberate tactic to get Barça to call off negotiations and thus leave Neymar free to join Madrid.

If Neymar really wants to rejoin Barça, now is the time to make that known.

The supporters have already turned on the Brazilian star, as demonstrated by the offensive banners and chants at PSG's league opener against Nimes.

Barça refuse to throw in the towel and believe Coutinho is a player PSG like more than any of those currently being offered by Real Madrid. Right now, the ball is in Neymar's court and he must decide how much he wants to move to the Camp Nou, or whether he just wants to get out of Paris.



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