Denis Suarez's message after playing again for Barca

Denis featured in an official Barca game for the first time in a while

Denis Suárez, junto a Coutinho
Denis Suárez, junto a Coutinho | Javi Ferrándiz

Barcelona midfielder Denis Suarez played for the club after a large absence. They were only 15 minutes but he was involved in Barcelona's late comeback to draw 2-2 at Sevilla. 

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Denis sent a message on social media and in a pitch-side interview with Movistar+. 

"My idea since I arrived is to triumph at Barcelona. I'm not coming down because I didn't make it into eight or nine equads. My objective is to triumph here, I train every day for that, in my head I'm not thinking about leaving and I'll fight to triumph here. That's my only goal. I've always said it, I'm not thinking about leaving because Barca is my club and I'll fight to be here.

"It's a happy day as we got a draw in the final minutes and I'm happy to return after two or three months and after injury. I'm happy to come back and I hope I can help more between now and the end of the season.

"I'm happy to participate again after so much time and I want I want is to keep doing so, playing more and earning myself a place in this team."


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