Bernardo Silva would try to force his way out should Barça submit a bid

Bernardo Silva would try to force his way out should Barça submit a bid

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Barça, for now, have not made any move due to the economic difficulty of the operation.

Bernardo Silva is Xavi Hernandez's big favourite, but Barca view it as practically impossible to sign him unless there is another big sale this summer. The Blaugrana club maintains very fluid relations with his agent, Jorge Mendes, and they are clear that the player would be willing to force his exit if Barça ask for it, something they have not done because it would be unfeasible to sign him at the moment.

The club is working on other positions in terms of reinforcements.

Barça still hope that the eventual market explosion when Kylian Mbappé's departure is confirmed can lead to some big sales on their end.

"There could be another market with the Mbappé case and there are Barça players that other clubs are interested in. It will be a very busy market in August," Barça say.

Bernardo Silva is staying calm, as the bar is too high. Manchester City have rejected two proposals from PSG, the last one for more than 75 million euros and they have the clear intention of keeping the player at all costs because he has two years left on his contract. In Manchester, they admit that Bernardo Silva would like to leave, but they are not in favour of making things easier. If Barca were to enter the fray, which they have not done, it could change things but the transfer fee would still be very high.

Barça have made sure to stay in the know and to be in permanent contact with his entourage. They are studying the feasibility of an operation paid in instalments. For now, there is no offer and the club will not enter if it is not possible to assume the operation economically.

Xavi wants him, but he knows it is difficult. The club's situation is not at its best financially and, after the levers of last season, it is now very complicated to tackle this type of operation.

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