Barcelona to distance themselves from Ronaldinho & Rivaldo

The club have been surprised by the duo's support for Jair Bolsonaro

¿Debe romper el Barça con Ronaldinho? | Maite Jiménez

Ronaldinho's position in favour of Jair Bolsonaro as the future president of Brazil has surprised not just Barcelona but society in general because of the extreme nature of some of the candidate's comments and policies.

Albert Masnou / Joaquim Piera

The misogyny and racism that Jair Bolsonaro has trumpeted throughout his political career and the statement he has made during the electoral campaign are unacceptable from Barça's point of view, given the Catalans are one of the clubs that more has positioned themselves internationally on the opposite side to those like Bolsonaro.

Former Barça player Ronaldinho has called for people to vote for Bolsonaro. It's a detail which has not gone unnoticed in Catalonia because the Brazilian is an ambassador for Barça and represents the club around the world. 

Barcelona don't want to publicly position themselves against Ronaldinho's stance, even though they don't share it and believe it's incompatible with the club's values. For that reasons, they have decided to reduce Ronaldinho's presence in institutional events, sponsor events and Legends games. 

Ronaldinho has a commercial agreement with Barça and earns money for participation in certain events. It is not too different from the role Rivaldo has. He collaborates regularly with the Legends team and at supporter events. So, Rivaldo, who also publicly supports Bolsonaro, will also see his share of Barça events reduced. 


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