Barcelona get tough with the Neymars

They have deposited the money with a notary while the situation is resolved

The club considers that they should not pay the full 26m euros

El padre de Neymar llegó a Barcelona para negociar con el club | ATLAS


FC Barcelona are not willing to serve Neymar up to PSG on a plate. The Blaugrana agreed to pay his father 26 million euros for the renewal of Neymar’s deal, but now these numbers could be modified—if the contract ends before the years signed up for.

Barcelona believe they can pay a lot less money than the fee agreed upon. Now this new scenario has opened up Barcelona took the decision to leave the agreed amount in a notary’s office to look after until a deal is reached over the money.

The Catalans are waiting to see what happens with Neymar. If he stays, the money can be paid to the Brazilian’s father without problems. However if he ends up going to PSG it could open up a second route to decide upon the final amount.

So Barcelona have not ruled out entering into a conflict with Neymar’s father, if the situation does not revert itself.



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