Neymar's father's colleague hints that this will be a moving summer

He organises trips for Neymar and his father's company

Rodrigo Gallo has been working with them since 2010

El padre de Neymar llegó acompañado a Barcelona | ATLAS

If Neymar Junior is staying at Barcelona, why did the man in charge of trips for the businesses of his family land in Barcelona on Monday with his father?

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The presence of Rodrigo Gallo by Neymar's dad's side on the flight from Miami to Barcelona indicates that in the coming days he will be organising another trip, with a destination that any Barcelona fan can guess. 

The professional relationship between the Neymars and Galo started in September 2010, when the then Santos president Luis Alvaro de Oliviera created a new department. The team of career management was formed of four professionals (three of which still work with Neymar) who worked exclusively for the player, with the objective of exploiting image rights and helping to grow off the field. 

In May 2013, when Neymar left, the department was over. The father of the player signed them to work for his company doing the same jobs they did at Santos. 

Rodrigo Gallo is still in charge of trips for work or pleasure for Neymar and the rest of the family.


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