Barça have opened disciplinary proceedings against Arthur

The club feel forced to act after the Brazilian midfielder refused to join up with his current teammates

Arthur, nuevo jugador de la Juventus | Perform

FC Barcelona have opened disciplinary proceedings against Arthur. The club have responded to Arthur's decision not to join up with his teammates ahead of the Champions League match against Napoli.

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However, Barça won't consider rescinding the Brazilian's contract. They will instead follow the current protocols. 

What irritated Barça is the fact Arthur refused to try and find a compromise. The club feel an agreement could have been made if the two sides sat down and talked. They aren't happy that Arthur hasn't even bothered to return to Spain.

People at Barça understand the motives behind Arthur's frustration but they aren't willing to allow any player to rebel and breach the rules. The matter is now in the hands of the club's disciplinary department and it's expected to result in Arthur being fined.

This could all change should Arthur return to Spain and sit down with Barcelona. He would be required to apologise to the club, his teammates and reach an agreement with Barça for the rest of the season.


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