Barca chief Josep Maria Bartomeu considering his resignation

The pressure of some board members may tell and Bartomeu could walk

Bartomeu se plantea dimitir | Marta Fernández

German Bona

Josep María Bartomeu is currently analyzing the pros and cons of resigning and leaving the role of Barca president before the referendum against his administration takes place. It is not the first time that the Barça leader has considered this possibility; he already did it the day after the promoter of 'Més que una moció', Jordi Farré, presented the signatures with a margin of error that has now been confirmed as more than enough. But he thought twice and backed off. The situation has changed, the motion is already a reality, but Bartomeu has shown a capacity for resistance that leaves everything in the air.

Josep Maria Bartomeu has always been in favour of ending his term and leaving the club with last season's numbers accounted for, as well as setting the budget for the next campaign. He believes that it is in the best interests of the club and the next board to start later, but events are rushing him.

He already brought the elections forward to March 2021 when the Messi bomb exploded. Now, Bartomeu is seriously evaluating his resignation based, above all, on two points.

The first is the closure of the transfer market, with all sales and purchases over. And the second, that it would be driving the socios to vote twice in just three months, with the difficulties caused by the pandemic, and the president is unsure to what extent that would be necessary.

At SPORT we have already reported that there is a group of club executives who are pressuring Josep Maria Bartomeu to resign and not to not only damage the image of the president more, but of all of them too. It has been demonstrated with the validation of the signatures that the supporters of the motion of no confidence have strength and the wear and tear within the board is huge.

The president had insisted on reaching March because otherwise, and if the referendum is successful, the entire economic issue would be left in the hands of a board with limited decision-making power, in addition to having to give the board that comes after a deficit that does not belong to it. On Tuesday or Wednesday of next week there is a meeting to assess the motion of censure and the final decision will come after that.



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