Atletico chief Cerezo rubbing his hands over Joao Felix

Atletico chief Cerezo rubbing his hands over Joao Felix

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Enrique Cerezo, Atlético's president, spoke to the press before the directors' lunch prior to the derby between the Colchoneros and Real Madrid. He spoke about Joao Félix, who he sees as happy at Barça and of whom he recalls that "he is our player". In that sense, he understands that if the loan spell at Barça goes well for him, it is also positive for them.

"He is our player, we must protect him, help him and think that, if he is well, he is good for us", said Cerezo, who also recognised that "we have always said, I have always said, that he is a fantastic player and he is proving it at Barcelona. With us he didn't adapt, he wasn't lucky. And, nevertheless, he is a great player at Barcelona, he was a great player here as well".  

In fact, he did not hesitate to point out that "maybe he was not ready for us", something that, beyond flashes of great quality, was proven because his football never had continuity at Atlético and the relationship with Diego Simeone was not the best. In that sense, Cerezo explained that "it neither hurts me nor doesn't hurt me. With us it didn't work, he didn't bring out everything he had inside. He went to Chelsea and he didn't bring it out either. And now at Barcelona he is bringing it out. The great players always end up showing it", finished the president of the club, who is already rubbing his hands thinking about the revaluation of the player if he continues at the same level in his loan as a Barca player. In any case, he denied that he is happier than he was: "I only celebrate goals for Atletico Madrid".

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