The referee let Sergio Ramos off of a red card for Messi foul

The Madrid centre-back whacked Messi in the face with his arm

Así ha sido la agresión de Ramos a Leo Messi | LaLiga

Sergio Ramos was back at it again. The Real Madrid defender hit Leo Messi in the final stages of the first half but referee Undiano Mallenco did not punish him or refer to VAR.

It was not the first clash they had, with Ramos tripping Messi before but not being booked.

Then with Ramos and Messi tussling for the ball, the defender swung his arm and caught Messi in the face.

He fell to the turf but the referee ignored him.

Madrid would not put the ball out and eventually the official blew for half-time.

Messi and Ramos went face to face, with the Argentine furious. He showed the referee a cut on his mouth where Ramos made contact.

The Madrid defender should have been booked or even sent off.


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