Xavi says Barça players "liberated" after Spanish Supercopa success

Xavi says Barça players "liberated" after Spanish Supercopa success

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The coach was delighted with how his side played in Real Madrid win

Xavi Hernández was a happy man after winning his first trophy as Barcelona coach, the Spanish Supercopa, but mainly for the football his team played as they beat Real Madrid 3-1.

“I am very happy and satisfied because I care a lot about how we win and, if we don't play the way I think we should, I don't leave satisfied. Winning conditions things a lot, but we always think about how,” he said at a press conference.

The Barça coach explained that “we thought of using four midfielders, of generating superiority, and Frenkie, Gavi, Pedri and Busi have understood this very well."

He continued: "What we devised and planned went perfectly. I am very happy for the players because, since I have been here, they want to win and they work hard for it.

"They have received a lot of criticism, unfairly, and today they have been liberated. It gives us a lot of confidence, we must be very proud. For Barcelona, it is very positive. We are creating a team and I hope it will be the first trophy of many”.

Xavi feels that winning the Supercopa “brings peace of mind and a lot of confidence, above all because the players can see what we have set out for them coming off.

"You beat Madrid by dominating the game and this makes the players believe in what the staff are doing. It boosts moral. I know how the player suffers when they are criticised, but we are a group and today everything has come off."

On an individual level, he highlighted Gavi: “He is a boy who excites us all when you see him compete like this. When you see him compete like that... the heart, soul and character that he plays with is contagious for the rest of team.

"He's a born leader, too, that all comes naturally to him -- and at the age of 18. He is spectacular. I have said it many times, but I don't get tired of praising him. He has no ceiling, so don't slow him down."

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