Sergio Busquets: This title will reinforce us

Sergio Busquets: This title will reinforce us

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The Spaniard spoke after winning the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia

Sergio Busquets lifted his first title as Barca captain on Sunday, an image that the fans were waiting for. He spoke to Movistar after the game.

“This title will reinforce us,” he said. “I am very happy, we knew that it was an opportunity to start the process of change at the club, in the team, and it will reinforce us to keep growing and to be able to win more titles.”

Busquets was pleased with the first title of the Xavi era.

“We believed in the hope, in the ambition, playing for Barca obliges you to always win, more since Xavi arrived, and at last we did it,” he said.

Busquets continued: “It worked well reinforcing the midfield to get superiority and Ronald (Araujo) did very well stopping counters and against Vinicius. 

“Without the ball we had our lines close together and the pressure allowed us to rob the ball for the first goal.

“Later, we felt comfortable, we knew how to suffer and didn’t let Real Madrid get forward.”

On Gavi, he added: “You know how Gavi competes, he’s a competitive animal. Most players of his age are in the youth team, he’s got a brilliant future and a long way to go because you tell me, with that age, learning, listening, I hope he can mark an era.”

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