Spain coach De la Fuente warns Eric Garcia over minutes

Spain coach De la Fuente warns Eric Garcia over minutes

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The Spain coach spoke about various players at Barca

Luis de la Fuente, the Spain coach, spoke about some of Barca’s national team players on Catalunya Radio. 

On Eric Garcia, he said: “The Spanish national team is not a club, we live on moments. One bad day can leave you out. I’ve known Eric since I was little and I know that he never lets you down.”

The coach likes the player but also thinks it’s hard to pick him if he’s not playing with Barcelona.

“There are moments in which a player only playing a few minutes for his team can be important, but in principle, whoever plays more minutes will have more chance.”

On Ferran Torres’s poor form, De la Fuente sent a positive message: “One of the jobs of the national team is to give confidence to players. As in the case of Eric, I’ve known Ferran Torres since he was 15. If they enter a squad it will be because I believe completely in them.”

On Gavi, he said: “I haven’t had the luck of coaching him, it will be a pride to count on him. I share the admiration that I feel for Pedri - in general, I like the good players.”

On Ansu Fati: “I am happy that all the players have a good level, the higher it is, the better. Ansu and the rest.”

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