Aymeric Laporte responds to the tough question about his Spanish feelings

Aymeric Laporte responds to the tough question about his Spanish feelings

The defender recently nationalised and is in the Euro 2020 squad

Aymeric Laporte spoke at a press conference at Las Rozas. The French-born centre back, nationalised to Spain recently, was asked about his patriotic sentiments.

Laporte said he wanted to speak to Didier Deschamps but his message did not arrive to the French coach.

Asked by Ona Cero if he felt “Spanish enough to defend the badge, the nation’s flag, the anthem,” Laporta replied: “It’s quite a strong question but I will try to reply in the best way possible. I will compete at the top level. The objective is the same as Spain’s, to win the competition. I will give everything to win with the national team and that is the important thing.

“(The process) comes from a long time ago, at U19 they got in touch and now the chance has come. Luis Enrique rang me to ask about the situation and I told him I wanted to play for the country, to compete at the top level and I would love to. I’m grateful to him, the staff and the president.”

He knows he will be under the microscope at the Euros but he is calm.

“Many people are waiting for me, for the good and the bad. One day you score a goal, another day you score an own goal, football is like this and I am ready for everything.”

He could not get in touch with Deschamps to explain his decision. “I sent him a message but he might have changed his number. I’m not too worried to be honest,” said Laporte. “I’m delighted to be here, I’ll give it all for this team and this shirt. I’m here to contribute.”

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