Vlahovic an option for Real Madrid if Kylian Mbappe does not come

Vlahovic an option for Real Madrid if Kylian Mbappe does not come

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The top priority for Real Madrid is Kylian Mbappe. They are not in a hurry and will wait for developments without getting involved in the tensions between the player and PSG. The French international wants to fulfill the remaining year of his contract, and the club that renews or sells him. Madrid will wait, but they have devised a plan B in case they have to wait for a year, and that involves signing a '9', but not as a definitive bet. Vlahovic could be the player to reinforce the Los Blancos attack.

Juventus is going through a difficult institutional moment because of the 'capital gains case' and has put the Serbian player on the market, valuing him between 70 and 80 million euros. Real Madrid will not invest in a center forward with Mbappé as their target for this summer, and with Haaland as the objective for the following year, in addition to the assured arrival of another center forward like Brazilian Endrick. They are the targets to strengthen the forward line, and the plan will not change unless Mbappe’s arrival is delayed by a year.

Ancelotti has only three forwards in the squad: Vinicius, Rodrygo, and Joselu, with the latter mostly serving as a substitute unless he impresses and secures the center forward position when given the opportunity to play. However, in principle, another reinforcement is needed to take on a long season. If one of the two Brazilians gets injured, it would pose a serious problem for Ancelotti's team. It would leave a limited attack for a well-structured team, which would restrict their offensive power.

Vlahovic is said to be the option of choice, provided that Juventus agrees to loan him for a season and recover him once they have resolved their institutional crisis that requires cost-cutting measures. The Serbian player is under contract with the Old Lady until 2026, and Madrid would cover his salary and could provide some compensation for the loan for one season, without including a purchase option. This could be a mutually beneficial deal for both teams. Nonetheless, there is still a long summer ahead, and if Mbappe doesn't arrive, Vlahovic could be his replacement until the summer of 2024.

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