The truth over Endrick's signing for Real Madrid

The truth over Endrick's signing for Real Madrid

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The Brazilian teenager will join Los Blancos from 2024 onwards

It’s official - Endrick will sign for Real Madrid from July 2024 when he coms of age. Palmeiras and Madrid have confirmed what SPORT wrote exclusively a week ago.

The deal was done for a few days and they were just waiting for a FIFA confirmation to make it official. Madrid wants to announce it during the Qatar World Cup because they saw it as a strike against PSG, who were also interested.

The price is secret but it’s 35m euros plus 25m in variables, some of which are hard to achieve. 

Madrid struck quickly with Qatar and PSG occupied by the World Cup. QSI were waiting for the end of the tournament to start work on the Endrick deal, after Palmeiras rejected a 20m euro bid in November.

Barcelona did not move for the forward, with his people confirming that to SPORT.

The last time they met with his people was September. Barcelona’s financial position did not leave them a route to the forward until at least next summer.

Endrick and his father knew what Barcelona were proposing. They visited in February, meeting Xavi at the training ground, which the coach admitted later.

Barcelona don’t feel betrayed by Endrick, or beaten in a war because they were never in the fight.

One of the reasons Endrick ended up at Madrid is the fact that it was impossible for Florentino Perez to get Erling Haaland. He is happy at City with Pep Guardiola.

If there was a chance Haaland would come to Madrid, Endrick’s agents would not have reached a deal with Los Blancos, even though they have a good relationship with them.

After all, they brought Vinicius Junior there in 2017, when he was 16 - the same age as Endrick now.

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