Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric hits back at Atletico boss Simeone

The Croatian has responded to recent comments made by the Argentine coach

Modric ha respondido a Simeone
Modric ha respondido a Simeone | Sportske Novosti

Luka Modric is fed up with the criticism that Real Madrid have received recently and has given a strong response. The Croatian midfielder counter-attacked while speaking exclusively to 'Sportske Novosti' about his recent Ballon d'Or success.

Modric hit back at Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone, who out in to doubt the Madrid man being named as the Ballon d'Or. Simeone defender his own player Antoine Griezmann, saying he should have won the prize. 

"I agree with Siemone defending that Griezmann's the best, but it's a disadvantage that he constantly needs to dimish Real Madrid and their players. He takes every opportunity to insinuate situations which aren't real to explain Madrid's success," he said. 

He didn't stop there: "I have great respect for Simeone, Atletico and their fans, but it's not fair or correct that our successes, including the two Champions League finals we won [against Atletico], are used a constant populist thesis about the favourtism of Real Madrid. When they've beaten us, we've congratulated them." 

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