Madrid's Valverde will only be banned if there is a complaint against him

Madrid's Valverde will only be banned if there is a complaint against him

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Villarreal or Baena will have to take action for the midfielder to be punished

Fede Valverde's assault on the Villarreal player Alex Baena may go unpunished in terms of sporting sanctions. The Real Madrid midfielder perpetrated his act once the match was over and without the referee, Alberola Rojas, witnessing any incident. The Competition Committee will not enter to assess this action if there is no complaint by the assaulted or by his club, Villarreal, and it seems that they do not intend to do so.

The scandal provoked by Valverde's angry violent reaction is monumental, although the consequences may be nil. Nevertheless, the police were informed of the case when they were called at the time of the incident, although it is unlikely that they will open proceedings if there is no complaint from the affected party. Baena, for the moment, acknowledged the aggression but has not gone any further, and it remains to be seen whether he takes a position in the form of a complaint.

In the event that there is such a complaint, the Competition could take notice of the incident and act ex officio. In spite of everything, it is public and palpable -- even acknowledged by the player's entourage -- that there was an aggression after the match. Ref Alberola Rojas has also not made an annex with the aggression and it is unlikely that he will do so, as he did not witness the altercation as he was in another area when it occurred.

In 2012, the then Real Madrid coach, José Mourinho, was involved in a serious incident in the corridors of Camp Nou when he waited for referee Teixeira Vitienes to rebuke him. The referee, despite the fact that there was a picture of Mourinho next to the bus, did not want to go into the matter and the Portuguese boss did not receive any kind of sanction.

In the case of Valverde, there are witnesses to the aggression and it must also have been picked up by the stadium's security cameras. If Baena files a complaint, the footballer will be exposed to legal proceedings and would be exposed to a very harsh sporting sanction.

Thus, there would be the possibility of a sporting sanction if the club or player denounces the act to the Competition Committee by means of a file, or go through criminal proceedings if they decide to do so before the Police or another judicial body.

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