Joselu set to sign from Real Madrid from Espanyol in exchange deal

Joselu set to sign from Real Madrid from Espanyol in exchange deal

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Joselu will almost certainly be a Madrid player for the next two seasons. Los Blancos and Espanyol are finalising a deal in which the striker will be transferred to the Bernabeu on a permanent basis for no fee, but with two Madrid players going the other way. In principle, Madrid will keep a higher buy-back option than usual.

Madrid's conditions for the operation have been clear from the outset. The club and the player have always prioritised not just a loan deal, something that Joselu's contract allowed. The striker had the option to go on loan to the team that would pay his wages in full. If Espanyol wanted to keep him, they were obliged to pay him that salary, something that was complicated in the second division.

Madrid have opted for a transfer at zero cost in order to keep Joselu for more than one season. If he performs well, he will continue in the second year and, if not, the club could sell him. There will be no payment to Espanyol, but Madrid will give two players from the youth academy to Espanyol and will keep an option to buy them back.

At the moment, the Pericos are looking at possibilities as Madrid's youth academy has top level players who could be important signings in the second division. The new Espanyol sporting director, who should arrive next week, and Luis García, who knows the youth academy very well, will choose the two players.

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