Pessimism at Paris Saint-Germain over Lionel Messi's contract renewal

Pessimism at Paris Saint-Germain over Lionel Messi's contract renewal

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The Argentine could leave the club when his current deal expires in June

Lionel Messi's contract renewal with Paris Saint-Germain remains stalled. The Argentine has initiated talks with the Parisian side but no agreement has been reached and pessimism in Paris is growing stronger and stronger about his situation. The financial fair play is an obvious problem for the club and would be greatly affected by his renewal, according to 'L'Équipe'. 

Messi's contract with PSG expires on June 30. At the moment, he has not made a firm decision on what to do from next season. The Barcelona option is still a long way off, but there are all kinds of rumours about a possible return to Spotify Camp Nou. 

How much does Messi earn in París?

Just on the day when the highest salaries in Ligue 1 have been released, Messi appears as the third on the salary podium behind his teammates Neymar and Mbappé. According to 'L'Équipe', the Brazilian earns €3.67 million gross per month, to the Argentine's €3.37m -- much higher is the €6m earned by the Frenchman. Sergio Ramos' salary stands at 791,000 euros. 

Leo Messi, celebrando un gol con el PSG en Ligue 1


Although lower than Mbappé's wages, Messi and Ramos' salaries are seen as 'extremely high' at PSG for two players who are 35 and 37 respectively and occupy a substantial part of the wage bill. The club's intention is to keep both in the squad but not at the same price, with a hypothetical wage cut coming into play. 

For now, according to L'Équipe, neither the Argentine nor the Spaniard are considering a significant reduction in their wages. We will have to wait and see how the future of both will be resolved, but at the moment Messi is the one who seems most willing to consider an exit. 

Fair Play troubling PSG

PSG's financial fair play situation seems to be in order. Despite spectacular losses in previous seasons, the club has committed to a three-year recovery plan and know they must comply or risk being sanctioned. All with the support of Qatar, of course. In that case, the renewals of both players would run counter to the club's renovation project, which seeks to shed the wage bill of its highest-paid players.

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