Xavi wants to change the story in Munich



Xavi was presented as Barça coach on November 8, exactly a month ago. And he plays his first final tonight. A life or death game. Only a win will do. The coach knew, when taking the role, he would be under pressure from the start. He knows better than anyone what Barça is. He’s taking oil the challenge of resuscitating the team without fear. What, perhaps, he didn’t imagine was he would be facing such a dramatic moment so soon, because there is a lot at stake tonight. A lot.

Not just the 20m euros that Barcelona would lose if they don’t progress to the quarter-finals of the competition. But also the ignominy of entering the Europa League, further damage to an already debilitated reputation. Barcelona are looking for 1.5bn in credit for Espai Barca and a KO would be a bad message for investors, despite what Laporta and Reverter say.

Xavi knows the difficulty of winning at the Allianz. The Bavarians have hit 11 goals against Barcelona in their last two games. The stats don’t encourage optimism. However Xavi sent a message of hope out. Or better said, courage, motivation.

Xavi does not want to give up. And doesn’t want to hear the word failure. The reverse. He believes the team can get their first win in Munich. “We have a lot of hope and will try until the end,” he said. Xavi dreams of a footballing miracle, even though Barcelona’s position does not invite him to. But dreaming is free. So, we dream.




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