Xavi has to reinvent this Barca team before it collapses

Xavi has to reinvent this Barca team before it collapses

Xavier Ortuño

Subdirector de SPORT

To have a goal scored against you in the first minute is not a reason to justify the team's sole recourse being to try to run and collide with the opponent to get closer to the rival's goal. It's true that Barça doesn't play alone on the field and that the opponent's game can influence you, but it should never distort you in this way.

It's incomprehensible how Barça lacked tools throughout the Granada draw, resorting to long balls and running. The absences of Raphinha, Pedri, or Lewandowski are noticeable, and it's clear that the performance cannot be exactly the same, but the idea and intention when the team takes the field should remain the same.

Gundogan had countless opportunities to change the game and make precise passes but opted for short and easy passes. He had the opportunity to become the most offensive creator of the team in Granada, but he couldn't connect through the center. Lamine Yamal's surprise and dribbling abilities should have been exploited, but if every play tries to find him, it's no longer a surprise. This Barça needs to be redefined, and if some players can return after the break, it would be fantastic, but in the meantime, Xavi has his work cut out trying to organize the team differently.

Surely, in training, they're working on a way to understand each other that they are not able to implement on the field. Xavi's angry expression speaks volumes, and he must be trying new ideas and options.

In the end, a point was salvaged, but there is another team in white shirts that is also dealing with many absences and manages to overcome everything. We are at a critical point in the season, and Xavi knows that the team cannot fall apart before Christmas.

We must avoid at all costs this negative dynamic taking hold of the team and seek solutions. It seems possible with these pieces and those who are recovering, but something needs to be done, and soon.

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