Aún no hay nada perdido si el barcelonismo se une de aquí a final de temporada

Unity, the only vaccine for the virus of pessimism



The latest column by star SPORT signing BOJAN KRKIC

It was April 2011 and Guardiola summoned us to the press room of the Camp Nou. There we were waiting for Nando Parrado, one of the sixteen survivors of the Andes tragedy, which took place in 1972 and inspired the movie ‘Viven’. Parrado explained his brutal experience and how, those who did not die in the accident or the days after, were able to organize survival for 72 days before being rescued. Guardiola wanted to strengthen the links within the dressing room and the message was clear: in moments of difficulty, even in the most extreme, the only way out is through unity.

The team was not going through its best moment, there were doubts and in a few weeks the season was at stake with four games against Real Madrid. Our situation could not be compared to what they went through in the Andes, but the lesson Parrado gave us was very useful. They survived in harsh conditions thanks to the strength of the group, becoming a single man instead of many. Pep not only sought to motivate us with an example of improvement, but he encouraged us to give everything for each other.

History has come to mind in these last few days. In part because of the situation that Barça is going through, especially after falling in the Bernabéu, but also because of the pothole Liverpool is stumbling over. Everyone talks, everyone has a clear diagnosis of what the problem is and everyone also knows its solution, but only those who are down there, playing every game and training every day, know what they are going through.

In the time of the coronavirus, we cannot let people spread the poison of pessimism, magnifying and giving volume to evil with such a large number of comments that acquire increasing size and do irreparable damage. Otherwise, we will end up infecting ourselves.

Now what we have to do is row. The club should provide calm so that the team can focus solely and exclusively on football and the fans should halt their reproaches and use all their energy to push the squad on. The players, meanwhile, are obliged to put the collective before the personal. And, although it's more relevant for me, I do not speak only of Barça, but of any team that is going through a delicate situation. It is not the time to implode because there is so much at stake. La Liga leadership is only one Real Madrid draw away ,and in the Champions League the result from Naples must be made good. Everything is still possible by being united and being loyal to the badge.

By the way, after that talk with Parrado we ended the season winning La Liga and the Champions League at Wembley against Manchester United.


I had the same injury that Gerard Deulofeu has now suffered. It feels horrible to me because, while such a serious problem never comes at a good time, he was surely in the best form of his career. It is a big injury, but he has been put in the hands of Dr. Joan Carles Monllau, who also operated on me and is a great surgeon. Gerard is very strong mentally and will come out of this and learn things that will help him during the many years he has left in his career. Everything like this serves to become a better player at all levels. I am convinced that he will have a great recovery and will be stronger again.


I have a lot of hope for this season with the Montreal Impact. MLS started last weekend and our debut could not have gone better. We won 2-1 at New England, the best way to start Henry's new project. I played center-forward and, although I had not been a No 9 for a long time, I felt very comfortable.



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