UEFA have it in for Barca over the Super League

UEFA have it in for Barca over the Super League

Lluís Mascaró

Director de Información Deportiva de Prensa Ibérica


UEFA announced yesterday that they are opening an investigation against Barça for the 'Negreira case'. According to the brief statement issued by the European football body, the decision is based on a "possible violation of the legal framework". From now on, it opens the door to all kinds of speculation about a hypothetical sanction that could even lead to the expulsion of the Blaugrana from continental competitions. Leaving Barça out of the Champions League would be a huge blow to the club's prestige, but also to its delicate economy. An excessive punishment for those damned refereeing reports for which, over almost two decades, 7.5 million euros were paid to Enríquez Negreira and his son.

UEFA, which looks the other way when Manchester City or PSG systematically breach 'fair play' with their false sponsors (who are none other than the club owners themselves, the Arab sheikhs and their petrodollars), now seems ready to take it out on Barça for a much lesser matter. Because, basically, there is no evidence that the Blaugrana club paid to get refereeing assistance. The active involvement of Barça and its president, Joan Laporta, in the setting up of the Superliga undoubtedly has a lot to do with the opening of this investigation and its possible consequences. Aleksander Ceferin feels seriously threatened by the project and will do everything possible to stop it. He has it in for Barça...

With the investigation now opened by UEFA, all the 'actors' in the 'Negreira case' have already spoken out. The Spanish Federation, La Liga, Madrid, La Liga clubs, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office... have done so. Only Barça is missing. It is Barça who must defend themselves against the accusations. Laporta has made a couple of epic speeches proclaiming the club's innocence and assuring that it is all a campaign to destabilise the team, discredit Barça's image and try to control it. 

The president has ordered an external audit and the club has begun to file lawsuits against journalists and media outlets that have defamed the club. But there is no official explanation as to why Enriquez Negreira was hired and has been on the payroll for twenty years. Laporta (and the other presidents involved: Gaspart, Rosell and Bartomeu) have to give it. Soon. It is becoming more and more urgent... Because the tsunami seems unstoppable.

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