El VAR, protagonista en este inicio de temporada

This is how VARdrid win



You can switch it off now. Let the men sat in the seats watching loads of screens laugh at football fans. I cannot believe that these men that have made a career out of refereeing football matches, reaching the level where they officiate top-flight football, can have an influence like this. VAR is dead, use something else. 

This was a system that was supposed to be fair, that was going to move football on from controversial and incorrect decisions. But it's just more of the same. The coronavirus pandemic has allowed VAR to act with even more impunity. That's because without the home support at the Reale Arena, the duo of Estrada Fernandez on the pitch and Martinez Munuera off it were able to work without pressure. 

Madrid, thanks to the monitors, have seen a penalty given in Vinicius' favour because he tripped... while we have to look at the stud marks left on Lionel Messi's legs by Sevilla's Diego Carlos on Friday. 

They also ruled out a Real Sociedad goal because Courtoiu's view was supposedly blocked by an offside player. If I was the goalkeeper's optician, I would be worried they were going to take my license off me. And to top it off, they have discovered a new muscle between Benzema's arm and shoulder which he is allowed to use. 

When Pique sent a warning at the end of the game against Sevilla, some of us thought that he had put the bandage on before the injury, but boy is there blood -- and lots of it. Either they stop the bleeding that VAR has started or it will lose all its authority.



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