Suddenly now in Madrid it turns out they like Gavi

Suddenly now in Madrid it turns out they like Gavi

L. Miguelsanz

Subdirector de SPORT


In two weeks' time, the Clásico will be played and in Madrid they will start warming up for the game. And one of their favourite targets will be, as always, Gavi, a player who, when he wears the Barça shirt, becomes aggressive, tough and so on. Well, his intensity weighs too heavily and they demand measures against him. 

Curiously enough, the same people are now saying such things in praise of the Blaugrana youth player, after he sealed qualification for the European Championship next year in Germany, as a key player for the Spanish national team. Gavi will go down well in Madrid for a few hours for becoming the leader of De la Fuente's group. And he is, despite his 19 years and very little international experience. There is no doubt that he plays with a different intensity and passion to the others and that makes him better both at Barça and in Spain. The rest is looking for controversy where there is none.  

It is really impressive that Gavi has already played 25 games as a senior international. Nobody has done it before at that age and it seems that only Lamine Yamal will be able to reach it if he continues at his level. It is a real barbarity. But what is most surprising is the personality of a boy who looks like he has already played four World Cups. 

He is not under pressure and is a life insurance policy for any coach. Whoever thought that this year he was not going to play for Barça after the signings was wrong, just like those who said that without Luis Enrique his start with La Roja was going to come to nothing.

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