Ronald Araujo led the way for Baby Barca to take shape

Ronald Araujo led the way for Baby Barca to take shape

Xavier Ortuño

Subdirector de SPORT


Barça announced yesterday the renewal of Alejandro Balde until 2028, thus closing a series of contract extensions to ensure that all future talent is well protected. Barça have not been able to spend big this transfer window and have had to bring in players on loan with the risk of not being able to sign them at the end of the season if they do well, but they have shored up the club's future with youngsters.

The current world of football is based on detecting and capturing talent as early as possible and Barça is lucky enough to have a very prolific youth academy and has also dared to bring in very young players.

When you can't invest millions of euros in big-name signings, you have to use your imagination and tactics, trust a coach and let him mould your own talent as well as possible. Barça, at the moment, have a team with a lot of present but with players who can mark an epoch in the future.

Araujo plays like a veteran but is not yet a quarter of a century old. Signed for Barça B, he found his place in a first team in full renovation but still with many players from an old guard. It was the first ray of hope and the first warning that we had to start thinking about having new faces in the team. Without trying to be, Araujo been an example for Pedri, Gavi, Ansu, Balde...

The Uruguayan renewed without going crazy and without being tempted by the siren songs of the Premier League and making it clear that he had to bet on Barça. He was followed by Gavi who put up with all the comings and goings between registrations and non-registrations, and if they see that the 'oldest' chose Barça, there is no reason why they shouldn't do the same.

Moreover, the 'baby Barça' is managing to attract new fans, who see how the boys of their age are the team's reference points and feel closer to them. 

A blessed future awaits us if these players can continue to progress as Blaugrana stars and the club can renew them all en bloc.

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