Even in his resignation Rubiales is making mistakes

Even in his resignation Rubiales is making mistakes

Joan Vehils

Director de Sport

| @piersmorgan

So Luis Rubiales says he's resigning because he doesn't want to harm others. He said this in an interview with British journalist and television presenter Piers Morgan, a famous figure with over 8.5 million followers on Twitter and almost 3 million on Instagram. A journalist who has been involved in and hosted successful programs in the United States and England. Yes, Rubiales has chosen to return to fame, and in a language that is not his own, rather than speaking clearly in Spain. He did this in an interview that lasted nearly two hours, of which the Spanish Football Federation had no knowledge. Yet more proof that he hasn't understood anything. Nothing at all.

One mistake after another has led him to the only possible way out. Moreover, he does it not out of conviction or belief. In other words, he's doing it late and poorly. He also claims to be a victim and that the truth is prevailing in the streets. What truth? Well, it's another demonstration that he lives in an unreal world. He still believes there is a campaign against him. Tremendous.

It's further evidence that Spanish football was in the hands of a dangerous individual who only thinks of himself. The female footballers were already saying it, and they were absolutely right.

However, it's the best thing that could have happened to Spanish football and the sports scene in this country. Rubiales could have rectified his regrettable behaviour by apologizing minutes after his sad performance in Australia, but it took him 20 days to do it, and he did it poorly. He has even made a mistake in resigning. The damage he has done to Spain's image is immeasurable. We will see from now on whether Rubiales keeps a low profile or parades around television studios, like Morgan's, defending his innocence. For now, Spanish football, especially the women's game, has won. However, I fear that the Rubiales show is not over.

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