Messi no tuvo su noche en el campo del Olympique Lyon

Opinion: Not Messi's night, and certainly not Luis Suarez's


Lluís Mascaró


It was not Messi’s night. And much less, Luis Suarez’s. Dembele was better but didn’t score either. And without goals from the trident, Barca could not beat Olympique Lyon. A 0-0 is not a bad result but we expected much more of a Barcelona side whose grand objective is to win the Champions League.

Barca played well, actually well, but did not fin the net. A problem they suffer in Europe, especially Suarez, who has gone over three years without netting away from home. His last goal came on September 16, 2015, against Roma. Since then he’s gone over 24 hours without netting. A terrible record for a centre-forward. That’s where the desperation that marked his game came from.

Barca can resolve the tie in the second leg. They are better than Lyon. But they can’t be sure. Tuesday shows that Messidependence is still too big. Leo was not on target and the team paid in attack. They made chances - 25 shots - but had no accuracy. And to win the Champions League you need accuracy. A lot of it.


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