El futuro de Neymar está en el aire

Neymar & Griezmann are not the future of Barça



Neymar and Antoine Griezmann both took decisions only based on economics. They preferred PSG and Atletico Madrid, because they were paying them much moe than Barca. Today, however, they regret their tremendous errors. Because in sporting terms they have lost a lot.

Both Neymar and Griezmann are doing all they can to make up of their mistakes. The Brazilian wants to come back to Barca, where he should never have left. And the Frenchman wants a second opportunity to join Camp Nou. But neither will wear Blaugrana. Because as Johan Cruyff said in his day, “whoever doubts playing at Barca, we don’t need.” And they both doubted.

Neymar accepted his world record one to PSG and Griezmann humiliated Barca with that pathetic documentary - produced by Gerard Pique’s company - and it would be ridiculous now to sign him a year later. Furthermore the polls taken by Barcelona and Madrid media show fans do not want either of them now.

Barca’s future, without a doubt, does not involve Neymar or Griezmann. Their chance has passed. Great footballers, both, but not for Barca. They made mistakes and now must pay the consequences of their error.



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