Lionel Messi marks the way and gets the goals



A tsunami hit European football this week in the form of the Super League. The proposed competition led by Florentino Perez looked like it could take over everything but ended up being stopped before coming to fruition.

Who came out ready to steamroller everything, and managed it, was Lionel Messi, who dominated Getafe. He hit the post, scored two and in the end had the most shots in the game.

In his first half alone he put on a football monologue. If someone wonders if Messi is good enough for Barca still, just show them this. They will see he is worth far more than anyone who could arrive this summer for hundreds of millions. Without Leo there is no paradise.

The No 10 can lead Barcelona to a potential title and double in the seven games left of the season. Leo went out to win.

What’s clear is that fans, who have not been able to watch this season at Camp Nou in the stadium, will not forgive the players if they surrender before these seven games are up.

The recipe is easy. Look for Leo, find him and see how he comes out for each game. Hopefully this soulless league can be celebrated in style.

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