Javier Tebas, Lionel Messi and Mbappe joining Real Madrid

Javier Tebas, Lionel Messi and Mbappe joining Real Madrid

Xavier Ortuño

Subdirector de SPORT

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Javier Tebas gave an interview to Movistar yesterday in which he weighed in on the possible signing of Kylian Mbappé by Real Madrid. Technically, the La Liga president did not mention the club, as the question was generic about whether the PSG player would end up playing in the Spanish top flight next season, but it was perfectly understood that he meant Los Blancos.

Tebas said he saw a good chance that Mbappé would end up playing in Spain, in fact he said there was a 70-80% chance he would. It seems that the signing of Mbappé is a matter of state and La Liga. 

It is normal that Javier Tebas wants to sell the destination of the Spanish league in the world of football as a paradise, in fact it is his job, but among his tasks is also to make it so and from what we are seeing in each transfer market the reality is far from what is still being touted.

In the magic formula that calculates what a club can spend or not, Real Madrid has come out very pretty in the picture with more than 700 million to move at will, but the fact is that the signing of the Frenchman from PSG does not depend only on having financial fair play margin. The player has to also want to come...

With Leo Messi we all saw that there was all the desire in the world, even Javier Tebas was delighted with the possible return of the Argentine, but then the financial rules that he has in place prevented the dream of all Barcelona fans from coming true and we saw Messi pack his bags and go to Miami to play in the MLS.

So when it comes to transfers, Tebas can say more about who cannot sign and which players will not arrive, but when it comes to guessing who might be a new La Liga player, he is just a spectator. 

In the meantime, he is deluding Madridista fans that there is a way to reverse the disaster that this season has begun with.

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