The boy's first goal the purest thing about Barca's Granada draw

The boy's first goal the purest thing about Barca's Granada draw

Juan Cruz
| Javi Ferrándiz

The referee inaugurated in Granada the new era in which Negreira is part of the clichés offered by the stands, in this case the application of that surname to shame any decision unwelcomed by the local crowd. 

Just as well Yamal broke his record and Barça drew 2-2. In this case, that invocation of the famous surname came late in the game, when the Granadinos their potential win in danger, a victory that was born in the eighteenth second of the match, extended with another immense goal by Bryan Zaragoza and endangered many times, as Barça tried to recall the epic triumph against Celta at home. 

At one such set piece, when Barcelona had already cut the gap, that famous disputed surname was heard in the stands (I heard it on SER). "Negreira!" Then Barça continued to press and got a draw that seemed like a miracle against a goalkeeper who was, alas, better than Ter Stegen. What happened then was that Joao Félix and Ferran came close, in different parts of the box, to scoring the third. And Joao Félix scored it. Legal, he was not offside, it was a total relief. 

But the referee (and his advisors) saw that at the other end of the line Ferran was out of position. Ferran didn't shoot, he wasn't close enough, but the referee's 'miracle' left Barça shivering. The only good news, which no one could embezzle, was that goal by Yamal, the first goal scored by such a young boy in his professional life. A boy. A boy's goal. The rest is silence, pity, and refereeing.

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