Luis Suárez marcó dos goles y participó en un tercero en colaboración con Varane

Barcelona turn the Santiago Bernabeu on its head once again


Lluís Mascaró


The Bernabeu was silenced again. And Madridismo drowned, crying after a new humiliation. Barca, without offering their best football, were capable of thrashing Madrid in their own gaff and kicking them out of the cup. An even harsher KO because for a long time Madrid were better. But Barca took advantage of their chances and slaughtered Madrid on the counter.

The tough first half Barca had made it worse. Barca were not capable of overcoming Madrid’s asphyxiating pressure, barely creating a danger and not even shooting at goal. The opposite of Los Blancos, who had three clear chances. Lucky for Valverde’s team that Vinicius doesn’t know how to finish. With Ter Stegen at his best.

But Barca knew how to do what Madrid have done for so long - play bad and win. Because Dembele and Luis Suarez appeared to turn the game on its head, turn the semi on its head and silence the Beranbeu. The French winger set up two and Suarez scored a ‘hat-trick’, even if the second was a collaboration with Raphael Varane, burying Madrid dreams.

This time Messi was not the protagonist but Barca assaulted the Bernabeu anyway with an emphatic triumph and a scoreline to match. The important thing was to qualify for the final and the Blaugrana did it. They scored a new historic triumph, their fourth in the last five visits here, and knocked Los Blancos out of the cup. Now they have to do the same effectively in La Liga on Saturday.


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