El Barcelona necesita un acuerdo entre club y jugadores

Barça need agreement between players & club



The crisis that is affecting sport and society has unleashed another virus on Barcelona, one that is just as lethal and unknown as Covid-19. The Blaugrana are facing, without warning and without time to prepare, a completely new scenario and they have entered, like many other companies, unknown territory. What Barça have to do is complex and painful as they try to manage an abundance of problems, including a wage reduction for the playing staff.   

The initial conversations with the players -- above all the footballers -- have been difficult, with both sides a long way apart from an agreement. The club would have liked the players to take the initiative to have their wages temporarily cut without anyone having to propose it. The players would have liked the club to not ask for so much of an effort and to not publicly announce their plans to reduce wages across the board via an ERTE. The two opposing positions become even more fierce when the cuts are used as an excuse to make either of the two parties look bad. 

What needs to be demanded from a situation like this is that everyone puts the needs of the club before anyone else. And that no one falls into the temptation of starting a civil war that could get out of hand. It's not necessary to forget everything, but in such a delicate moment, it's essential that common sense prevails and there is an understanding between both parties. The best thing for Barça is that an agreement is stuck between players, the club and non-sporting employees -- and that all parts do their bit. 

It's evident that the players have to accept a wage cut, but it must be dealt with respect and sensitivity. Some people need to be reminded that without the players there is no sport, no spectacle and nothing to report and enjoy with the rest of the world. 



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