Why do Barca (Laporta) insist on thanking Jorge Mendes?

Why do Barca (Laporta) insist on thanking Jorge Mendes?

Toni Frieros
| sport

I admit that it was tough, when I tried to chew and digest Joan Laporta's praise for Jorge Mendes at the Alejandro Balde event. The same thing happened to me when, at the presentation of the agreement with Spotify, he publicly thanked Darren Dein in the Auditori 1899 for his participation in the operation. What is a president, in this case the president of FC Barcelona, doing publicly thanking two commission agents, two intermediaries, two agents who are only in it for the money?

As Laporta has unfortunately not kept his public word that he would be transparent when it comes to explaining the commissions (he was transparent when he denounced the commissions for the signing of Malcom), we will be left without knowing what Pini Zahavi received for bringing in Lewandowski, what Deco received, the current sporting director, for placing Raphinha here, what Derrin Dein got for participating in the signing of Spotify, what Anas Laghrari, Florentino Pérez's economic arm at Real Madrid, got for getting the leverage of the American fund Sixth Street for the transfer of 25% of the television rights...

FC Barcelona has made many intermediaries and commission agents millionaires (even more) in recent years. Yes, just like the rest of the presidents and clubs, those here and those there, but today's president promised transparency and in this limbo of 'confidentiality', everything fits, everything is hidden, to the point that the auditors of FC Barcelona's accounts, faced with the magnitude of the money that cannot be 'explained', have had serious problems fitting them into the financial closure.

For many years now, for many years, the world of professional football has been pure business. The soul and passion is provided by the fans, they are the customers. The players are the Roman charioteers. And it is set up in such a way that the smartest people in the place, the ones who generally risk the least, are the ones who make the easiest money. There is so much around football, so much, that not only the big sharks of the sector, such as Jorge Mendes, have become King Midas, but also the minnos, (no offence intended). Even these small crumbs help them to have their lives sorted out.

So when we talk about agents, agents or commission agents, let's not thank them. Let us save those words for others who deserve them more.

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