How much will Atletico demand from Barça for Joao Felix in this form?

How much will Atletico demand from Barça for Joao Felix in this form?

Xavier Ortuño

Subdirector de SPORT


The Portuguese forward has scored three goals in his first two starts for his new club

The signing of Joao Felix came at the last minute. On the last day of the transfer window, Barcelona secured a one-year loan deal for the Portuguese player from Atletico Madrid and he arrived without making too much noise and accompanied by another Joao, the full-back Cancelo.

Joao Felix had spent the last year on an 'erasmus' at Chelsea to try to break the bad experience he was having at Atlético, where he has a stormy relationship with Diego 'Cholo' Simeone and the Rojiblancos fans. 

There are footballers who, when they sign for a club for a lot of money, that figure weighs on them and haunts them -- Atletico Madrid paid €126 million for him in 2019. But Joao Felix has arrived at the Blaugrana at no initial cost and with a much-reduced salary after renewing his terms at a lower price but for more years with the Colchoneros

The opposite could happen to the Portuguese, but how much will Atletico ask for him now? The player had always shown a lot of individual quality but at Barça he has found a very favourable environment, a game that suits him perfectly and the confidence of the coach, even if he was not on his list of priorities.

Against Antwerp, Joao Felix showed that he is delighted to be at Barça and that he goes out onto the pitch with the desire to get at the opposition and all the ghosts that have haunted him in recent years at Atletico and Chelsea, where he was unable to shine.

Two goals and an assist from the Portuguese forward helped Barça get off to a smooth start in the Champions League. It is true that their opponents were not very strong, but it would not be the first time that the group's bottom side had given Barça a shock. The team started the group stage with three wonderful points that will surely help them to approach the Champions League in a different way.

Barça did not include an option to buy in the loan deal and will have to negotiate to ensure that Joao Félix can definitely become a Blaugrana player. Perhaps it is necessary to make a move before his numbers are scandalous and Atlético could ask for an unaffordable figure and he could end up, who knows, in Saudi Arabia covered in gold.

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