Arthur ha decidido no jugar más en el Barça

Arthur-Barcelona mess had been brewing


The coronavirus pandemic has provoked huge losses for football clubs, but it has also altered the football calendar, which has led to tense relationships, in some cases, between clubs and players. 

Not just because of the salary reductions but because the destruction of the usual calendar has broken up the usual post-season transfer window and left us in a kind of no man's land. 

The transfer of Arthur Melo, the most important and necessary for Barça's books, had to be negotiated during lockdown and was completed just a few days after the Spanish league had resumed. There were still a number of games to be played. 

Arthur and Barça have had to live in a situation where he knows he's moving to Juventus next season and that eventually led to a breakdown in the player-club relationship. It's a shame because this ending was not of interest to either party. 


Arthur has realised that coach Quique Setien isn't counting on him anymore and has given up, but he's made a mistake. Rescinding a contract unilaterally and throwing a strop is never a good look, even if he has some reason. 

The Brazilian never wanted to leave Barça, but ended up leaving and tripling his salary. It's true that the lights went out on his Barça dream, but the future is full of uncertainties and it's never good to close doors. 

Maybe Barça would have needed him for the Champions League this season. Now it seems that will not be possible and those that defended his sale now have their arguments. 

The key: Arthur felt that Setien didn't count on him and he's erred leaving the club through the back door. 


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