June 27 given as deadline to get the La Liga campaign started again

June 27 given as deadline to get the La Liga campaign started again

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The league have told clubs it can't start any later than the end of June

LaLiga has already announced to first and second division clubs that it is contemplating restarting the competition in the month of June. 

They still don't know how, whether games will be behind closed doors or not or if they will be played every 48 hours, but they are certain the league must restart then to avoid even more financial damage to the clubs. 

However, LaLiga is also planning for the worst-case scenario. In that event, they would finish the league season, something that all the clubs oppose. 

Despite that, league president Javier Tebas has told the 42 clubs that there's a deadline. If games cannot restart by the weekend of June 27, the campaign could be canceled. 

LaLiga have not revealed, in that scenario, how the standings would be decided, who would qualify for Europe and whether or not there would be promotion and relegation. 

Meanwhile, the league do not expect games to restart with fans and have reluctantly admitted, in private, that to get the season completed games will likely have to be played behind closed doors. 

Not all clubs are in favour of that, but it would be the lesser of two evils and would allow clubs to earn television money. The objective is clear: the league has to go again because the clubs depend so much on the money they will get if the season is finished. 

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