Javier Tebas: This is the biggest reputation crisis ever for Spanish football

Javier Tebas: This is the biggest reputation crisis ever for Spanish football

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The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, participated in the second edition of the 'Thinking Football Summit,' an event organized by the Portuguese league, where he discussed the current state of football and the situation of Spanish football in the context of the 'Rubiales case.'

He argued that the situation in Spanish football is not easy and is facing the "greatest reputational crisis," noting that in the past, people used to ask about Negreira, and now they ask about Rubiales, whom he considers a "suspended president."

As is customary in his discourse, he once again pointed out the state-owned clubs as "a problem we have to deal with," including the Premier League and its big contracts. "They lose up to 200 or 300 million euros a year, although UEFA rules and the Premier League itself establish a limit of 90," he said.

Regarding the rise of football in Saudi Arabia with lavish contracts, having been the second competition that invested the most in the summer transfer market, he noted that "it is still far behind the top European leagues in every way."

Finally, he also defended some of the innovations introduced this season in the TV broadcasts of La Liga matches.

"The halftime interviews, cameras in the locker room, microphones in coaches' talks... it's all a product, and it's important for viewers to have more minutes and different things. We don't have to invent anything; all American sports do this. When some coach says this violates privacy... it's done in the Premier League, and they don't say anything," he concluded.

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