Dani Alves, economically squeezed since going to prison

Dani Alves, economically squeezed since going to prison

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The Brazilian defender is accused of terrible deeds that occurred on the night of December 30

Brazilian defender Dani Alves is still in prison since his admission a few weeks ago for an alleged sexual assault on a woman in a club in Barcelona. 

It remains to be seen whether or not the judge in charge of his case accepts his defence's request for provisional release for the footballer.

His lawyer, Cristóbal Martell, argues that it is impossible for Alves to leave the country due to his dire economic situation. 

In the same defence order, it is stated that the ex-footballer has lost four sponsors and has thus been left without his main sources of income.

Since his imprisonment, the footballer has seen Adidas decide not to renew his partnership contract. In addition, the companies 1xPartner, Hygia Saude and Ethika have also decided to end their relationship with the Brazilian full-back.

All this, added to the compensation of around 5 million euros demanded by the last club where he played, Pumas UNAM, leaves the player in a very delicate financial situation.

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