Barcelona's women's team ask for coach Lluis Cortes to be sacked


Barcelona's women's team ask for coach Lluis Cortes to be sacked

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They want a change of management for next season despite their success

SPORT have learned that the captains of Barca Femeni have asked for coach Lluis Cortes to be sacked. They did this after winning the Champions League in Gothenburg. They asked the sporting directors, led by Market Zubizareta and including Mike Puig, La Masia director, and Xavier Budo, director of sports at the club. Xavier Puig, the head of feminine football, was in charge of taking the issue to the Barca board, where they discussed the topic, including that it was a surprise request in an historic year.

Getting to the top is not easy. It demands effort, dedication and a high level of intensity day to day. Barca Femeni won an historic treble, but the effort had repercussions within the dressing room. Something similar to what happened with Pep Guardiola’s Barca. He decided to leave because staying would have led to more problems. The Femeni players went further and have asked for a new coach. They think it would be better to start from zero. They think the work of the current technical team and coach should be applauded but the relationship may be broken and staying the same would not be good.

They want to keep winning, improving and growing and think a new cycle is the way to do that.

The board have discussed the issue but have not taken a decision on it for now. Baca had announced a deal with Cortes to renew his deal for a season more with the option for another after reaching the final, but the contract has not been signed yet.

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