Are there more Gavis and Fermíns coming through Barcelona's academy?

Are there more Gavis and Fermíns coming through Barcelona's academy?

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The mix of Andalusia and La Masia has proved a potent one in recent years

Fermín López and Pablo Páez Gavi are expected to start for Barcelona on Sunday against Athletic Club in Montjuic.

Gavi is already a key player for both Barça coach Xavi and Spain boss Luis De la Fuente, while López has become the revelation of the season at Barça and has already made his debut with Spain's U21 team.

Both share the same club of origin, Real Betis, before joining the Barcelona youth academy. They are both Andalusians and products of the youth system, a combination that works well.

SPORT introduce the nine La Masia youth players born in Andalusia. These are the new 'Gavis' and 'Fermíns' from the Barcelona youth academy.


A 16-year-old left central defender from Córdoba, known for his secure defending, speed, power, and outstanding ball-playing ability. He has secured a place in the Juvenil A team with his great performances after joining La Masia in the summer of 2019 from Sevilla.


An 18-year-old midfielder from Almería, characterised by his physical prowess and exquisite technique. When in form, he is unstoppable. Cristo needs to be more consistent to fully utilise his innate talent. He joined Barcelona in the 2017-18 season from Pavía and has scored two goals in seven games this season for Juvenil A.


An 18-year-old right winger from Villanueva del Trabuco who joined Barcelona in the summer of 2018 from Málaga. Toni is a fast and skillful player capable of creating opportunities on both flanks.


Signed from Málaga two summers ago, Adri, who is 15 years old, is a player with remarkable skill and vision. Coaches are working on adding more intensity to his virtuosity. Although he is a pure central midfielder, his ability to deliver precise passes makes him a differential player near the goal.


Born in Los Palacios and formerly of Betis like Gavi, Juan Pablo is a left-back with a lot of quality and potential. Despite being 15 years old, he has not yet consistently displayed his innate talent due to late physical growth. Galbarro sometimes plays as a left-winger due to his build.


One of the most promising central midfielders at La Masia, Pedro, at 15, is an elegant player with fine ball distribution and dazzling class when going forward. His progression is highly promising, and he has been playing for Barcelona since he was a child. He alternates between the pivot and central midfield positions.


The ex-Sevilla youngster is a special forward who doesn't hesitate to take risks and has extraordinary technical skills. Alejandro, 13 years old, is known for his imaginative solutions on the field. He needs to work on his emotional stability to become more consistent in his performances. When things go well, they go really well.


A 12-year-old midfielder from Málaga known for his fearless and daring dribbling. He adapts to various positions in the midfield and attack and is not afraid to take risks. Gets between the lines well like a No.10 from yesteryear, but at Barça can adapt to playing as a midfielder, a false nine or wide.

PABLO PEÑA (Infantil A)

Pablo Peña arrived at Barcelona from Levante Las Planas in Sant Joan Despí. He is a 13-year-old goalkeeper born in Huétor Vega, Granada. Pablo is a robust and agile goalkeeper who has, so far, played in three league matches for Infantil A under the management of Pere Olivé.

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